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BirldLife International


A global partnership of non-governmental organizations with the aim to conserve birds and their habitats. In order to save the planet, BirldLife International uses science, collecting and analyzing data from around the world, to implement the most effective and innovative conservation measures possible.


NGOs for Fisheries Reform (NFR)

The Philippines

NFR is composed of non-governmental organizations united for the basic purpose of initiating and implementing coordinated campaigns, projects and activities in support of the small fisherfolks' interest and concerns. Its member organizations on their own also initiate and implement various programs and projects for the empowerment of fisherfolk communities, implementation of Community-Based Coastal Resources Management and promotion of sustainable development.


Client Earth


An environmental law charity that uses the law to create a powerful change that protects the earth. They work with people, campaigners, governments and industry to make those solutions a reality. They work to bring about end-to-end systemic change: informing, implementing and enforcing the law, advising decision-makers on policy, and training legal and judicial professionals.


For the Oceans Foundation

Costa Rica

An independent and nonprofit, international organization whose main goals are: to promote the responsible fishing and the protection of every form of marine wildlife in order to help the conservation of biodiversity and the wellbeing of the oceans.


La Bouée Couronne

Republic of Congo

An association that works on fisheries management, awareness-raising of marine environment and sustainable fisheries, security at sea, small-scale fisheries and industrial fishing in the department of Pointe-Noire and Kouilou in Congo.  

Círculo de Políticas Ambientales

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A non-profit foundation strengthening the environmental policy agenda that promotes the protection of ecosystems, sustainable development, the energy transition, and the fight against climate change. Círculo de Políticas Ambientales’ ocean portfolio focuses on three pillar: IUU fishing, traceability, and fishing subsidies.


Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA)

Bogota, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico

An international non-profit organization that bridges the gaps between communities, local movements, national organizations, governments, and international authorities. AIDA uses the law and science to protect the environment and communities suffering from environmental harm, primarily in Latin America.


SmartFish Rescate de Valor, AC

La Paz, Mexico

Provides assistance and advice to fishers to fish more sustainably. They do so by supporting fishermen in developing their business skills to sell their products.


Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea (FIAPNG)

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Committed to sustainable fisheries and focuses on supporting their membership, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable domestic industries. Their core mission is to drive domestic fisheries industrialization to create and enable the maximum long term economic benefit from the sustainable use of our fishery resources.


International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF)

Bali, Indonesia

Connects small-scale fishers with the industry and helps them to reduce their environmental impact to make sustainable tuna more readily available, protect ecosystems and safeguard the livelihoods of local fishers. IPNLF’s work to develop, support, and promote one-by-one tuna fisheries is subsequently fully aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Members are at the heart of our initiative as they drive the Coalition’s work by identifying the challenges and priorities to advancing transparency in their countries and/or regions.

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