Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea (FIAPNG)

Committed to sustainable fisheries and focuses on supporting their membership, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable domestic industries. Their core mission is to drive domestic fisheries industrialization to create and enable the maximum long term economic benefit from the sustainable use of our fishery resources.

International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF)

Connects small-scale fishers with the industry and helps them to reduce their environmental impact to make sustainable tuna more readily available, protect ecosystems and safeguard the livelihoods of local fishers. IPNLF’s work to develop, support, and promote one-by-one tuna fisheries is subsequently fully aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Yayasan Pesisir Lestari (Pesisir Lestari)

A marine conservation organisation that promotes the empowerment of coastal communities in managing their marine and fishery resources. Together with partners, they work with the vision of improving the welfare of coastal communities, in line with sustainable management of fisheries and marine resources.

Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT)

A coalition of NGOs established by a group of NGO members working on fisheries and environmental issues that affect Cambodian communities’ livelihoods around the Tonle Sap, Coastal and Mekong provinces.

Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI)

An independent think tank and policy advocacy group established to promote ocean policies that adhere to principles of sustainable development. By carrying out four work streams (Enforcement Support, International Advocacy, Policy Reform and Access to Justice), IOJI expects improvements in policies by the government of Indonesia in those 4 aspects, and subsequently other countries.

Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan

A non-profit, nongovernmental organization campaigning for improvements for animals, people, and the environment in Taiwan.

Destructive Fishing Watch Indonesia (DFW)

An alliance of non-governmental organizations concerned with the issue of destructive, illegal, unreported an unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Asian Research Institute for Environmental Law (ARIEL)

A law institute focused on providing practical solutions to environmental law problems. It adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to solving environmental issues with an emphasis on ecologically sound measures and participatory methods.

Seafood Legacy

A social venture that supports sustainable seafood initiatives by seafood companies, financial institutions, governments, and NGOs.

Citizens’ Institute for Environmental Studies (CIES)

A specialized research institute of the Korean Federation for Environmental Movements (KFEM) that represents civil society.