A non-profit environmental communications centre which transforms environmental data into innovative, science-based information products and provides capacity building services. We aim to inform and activate a global audience and motivate decision-makers to effect positive change. GRID-Arendal collaborates with the United Nations Environment Programme, regional organizations, national governments, and other strategic partners to create positive environmental outcomes and impact, particularly in developing countries.

Blue Ventures

A science-led social venture that puts people first. We support coastal fisheries in remote and rural communities to rebuild fisheries, restore ocean life and improve the livelihoods of traditional fishing communities. Across more than a dozen countries, we’re partnering with traditional fishers and community-based organizations to design, scale, strengthen and sustain fisheries management and conservation at the community level. We bring partners together in networks to advocate for reform, and share tools and best practices to support fishing communities across the globe.

Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

A nongovernmental organization that works to secure a world where the natural world can sustain, and be sustained by, the communities that depend upon it for their fundamental human rights.