NGO Africa Watch

An online independent non-profit media publication that disseminates development issues across Africa. Their thematic areas include human rights and environment (among others), using traditional media primarily (i.e. radio, print, and television). 

Centre for Maritime Law and Security (CEMLAWS Africa)

A non-governmental organization that seeks to promote ocean governance and maritime security in Africa. CEMLAWS Africa combines research expertise, policy understanding and practical insights to deliver responses to maritime issues through law and policy analysis and advice, training and capacity-building, collaboration, and guided deliberations.

Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society (CWCS)

A lead environment non-governmental organization in Cameroon that focuses on providing technical assistance in the area of nature conservation and sustainable development. Their mission is centered around collaboration with the Government of Cameroon, local communities, and other stakeholders to protect critical ecosystems and promote sustainable natural resource use to improve livelihoods of local communities.

Hen Mpoano

A non-governmental organization focused on developing initiatives related to coastal and marine governance. Their mission is to provide technical, policy and extension support to actors in government, private sector and civil society through capacity building, research, networking and project development in fisheries and coastal ecosystem governance. 

Friends of the Nation (FoN)

A non-governmental organization involved in socio-environmental advocacy. The organization focuses on empowering coastal communities (women and marginalized people in particular) to articulate and voice their interests in tenure rights processes, to promote transparency in the management of the fishery sector and to provide alternative livelihood options to fishers and processors affected by capacity reduction efforts.


A community association focused on research and development issues for the conservation and preservation of marine and coastal biodiversity of south Cameroon.


A non-profit organization that focuses on women in fisheries and fishermen, and are also working on strengthening their capacities. They achieve their objectives through providing support on advocacy, awareness-raising, and transparency.

Partnership Research – Environment – Media (PREM)

An ngo focused on environmental protection. They work in collaboration with the media and researchers, for each to bring their expertise.

Free Federation of Artisanal Fisheries

Regroups associations of Mauritanian associations of artisanal fishermen to defend interests, collective property of fisheries resources and the health of the oceans.

Renatura Congo

An ngo which objective is to promote sustainable development through the conservation of biodiversity. Their mission is achieved by conducting studies and activities, public awareness activities, support for development of projects related to threatened species and environments.